Studio A

Studio A is a GMU-TV/FAVS-produced interview show hosted by Rick Davis, Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

The guest filmmakers come to Mason to talk to students about their professional work. Past guests include director Ron Maxwell (Gods and Generals), location manager Peggy Pridemore (Wedding Crashers and Forest Gump), creator of the DC Shorts Film Festival Jonathan Gann, and senior sound editor Mark Stoeckinger (Star Trek and Mission Impossible II and III).

Students interact with the guests during the show and at the reception. The FAVS program strongly believes meeting and working with film professionals is imperative to success in the industry.

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Guest List

Fall 2015

October 17

Cheryl Furjanic  - Director, Back on Board: Greg Louganis


October 24

Spotlight on the Washington West Film Festival


November 13

Lyric R. Cabral - Director, (T)Error

Fall 2014

October 3

Lisa Thrasher, Producer


October 24

Bryan Reichhardt , Washington West Film Festival


November 14

Darius Clarke Monroe, Director/Producer

Fall 2013

Jean-Paul Chreky– Script Supervisor, "Return to Sender" (2014), "Squirrels to the Nuts" (2014), "Are We Officially Dating?" (2014), "Every Secret Thing" (2013), "A Case of You" (2013)

Show to film September 13


Melissa Bisagni – Film and Video Center Program Manager at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian.

Actress, "Loves Her Gun" (2013), "Medicine for Melancholy" (2008).

Production Designer, "Alone at Last" (2006)

Show to film November 1


Shanti Thakur – Director, "Red Tulips: A Story About Forgetting" (2012), "Sky People" (2008), "Kairos" (2003), "Seven Hours to Burn" (2000)

Show to film November 22

Fall 2012

Eduardo Sanchez – Director, "Blair Witch Project"

Otessa Ghader – Producer, director, writer "Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden" - Top 10 Webisodes

Jeffrey Cooper - Founder and President at Cut Entertainment Group - international medial sales and distribution agency

Thomas Kaufman – Cinematographer, "Fahrenheit 9/11," "The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg," "Countdown to Zero"

Fall 2011

Dennis Boni – Videographer

Diane Raver – Film Producer/Festival Director

Joseph Hall – Producer, Director,Writer

Catherine Wyler – Film Festival Manager

Fall 2010

Andrew Simpson – Silent film composer

Michael Kang – Writer/Director

Lyn Vaus – Film producer, screenwriter

Mike Walter – Producer, Breaking News, Breaking Down

Fall 2009

Dionne Audain – Actor, The Wire and Law & Order: SVU

Eric Espejo – VP of Virginia based 19th & Wilson

Tanner Cooley – Producer/actor Ghosts Don’t Exist

Patricia Doherty Hess – Unit production manager for Night at the Museum

Ron Newcomb– Founder, Fellowship of Christian Filmmakers

Fall 2008

Michael Gabel – Washington D.C. based actor

Roshini Thinakaran – Filmmaker, National Geographic

Craig Maniglia – Vice President, MVI Post Inc

Angel M. Sepulveda– Assistant director

Spring 2008

Christian D’Andrea– Documentary filmmaker working with the military

Robert L. Henninger – President Henninger Media Services, Inc.

Ted Leonsis – Producer of Nanking

Aviva Kempner – Filmmaker including The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg


Spring 2016

March 4

Andy Edmunds - Director, Virginia Film Office


March 18

Karen Whitehead - Director/Producer of documentary film


March 25

Benjamin Steger - Director/Producer of documentary and fiction films

Spring 2015

February 27

Meghan Reese - Producer, Megalomedia


March 6

Philip Strub - Director of Entertainment, Department of Defense


March 20

Giovanna Chesler - Documentary filmmaker


April 24

Andrea Keating - Owner/Founder, Crews Control and TeamPeople

Spring 2014

February 28

Lance Kramer - Executive Director, Meridian Hill Pictures


March 28

Erin Essenmacher - President of Women in Film and Video


April 11

Daniel Patterson - Cinematographer ("Gunhill Road", "Newleyweeds", "Out in the Night", "The Sweet Blood of Jesus")

Spring 2013

Mark Ruppert - Executive Producer and Creator of the "48 hour Film Festival"

Tai Lavin Burkholder – Producer of "That's What She Said" starring Anne Heche

Jamie Nash  - Scriptwriter for "Altered"

Kathryn O’Sullivan and Paul Awad - Creators of Thurston Productions, The Western Web Series

Spring 2012

Tim Gordon – Washington Area Film Critic Mimi

Mimi Machado-Luces – Documentary Filmmaker

Aaron Peters – Producer/Writer Tom Green Show, My Big Fat Greek Life

Mark Peterson – Director/Cinematographer

Spring 2011

John Kelly – Production Assistant, Law and Order

Kathleen Jones – National Geographic freelance producer

Kevin McCarthy – Fox Movie critic

Michael Pack – Producer-Director

Spring 2010

Anne Hornaday – Washington Post Film Critic


Marc Stoeckinger – Sound Editor, Star Trek

Megan Holley – Scriptwriter, Sunshine Cleaning

Estel Dillon – NBC News Videographer.

Spring 2009

Jonathan Gann – Director, DC Shorts Film Festival

Eric Weissmann – Lawyer and Hollywood agent

Cuong LeNguyen – Freelance Producer/Director/ Senior Motion Graphics Designer

Marc Lieberman – Producer, Onion News Network

Summer 2008

Peggy Pridemore – Location manager for films in the Washington D.C. metro area

Marshall Herskovitz – Creator of Thirty Something, and My So-Called Life

Spring 2007

Sarah Stein – Academy Award winning documentary editor and director

Rita D. McClenny – Director, Virginia Film office

Ron F. Maxwell – Actor, writer, producer, director

Holly and Paul Fine – Husband/wife team of documentary producer/directors