Production Resources

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FAVS students interested in borrowing costumes from the School of Theater Costume Shop should send all inquiries to the Costume Shop Supervisor, Laurel Dunayer or make an appointment to speak with her and include as much information as possible such as size, color, time period required. The Costume Shop is located in the deLaski Performing Arts Building, A133 (across from the Blackbox). The Costume Loan form is available here: Costume loan student check-out form

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FAVS students who wish to borrow props from the School of Theatre's Prop Shop should contact Assistant Technical Director Carrie Cox.

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Current FAVS students who are shooting off campus or who are looking to rent equipment from a rental house such as DC Camera will probably be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance. If you are in need of a COI, please make an appointment to speak with FAVS Assistant Program Director, Rebekah Mejorado. Please note that Mason's Office of Risk Management requires a 2-week turnaround to issue a COI, so please allow for plenty of time prior to your shoot/rental for the processing.

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To reserve the Blackbox Theater for auditions or productions, please email Rebekah Mejorado or FAVS Office Manager Samantha Beach.