Mason Film Festival 2017


Mason Film Festival is back for its 5th year! May 4-6, 2017. All events are free and open to the public. Screenings will take place in the Johnson Center Cinema. Free tickets are required for the Saturday Senior Showcase ONLY. Tickets can be picked up in-person at the Center for the Arts Box Office or at the JC Cinema on the day of the event.

Thursday, May 4
Staged Readings, TheatreSpace

A day of staged readings from the seniors completing their capstone work in the Screenwriting Concentration for the FAVS B.A.

Big Star, Mathew Caron, TV Pilot
A series following a loser who has lost so much that he can only win now.

Rayshio, Ra Davis, Anime
As his family is suddenly torn apart though betrayal, a young man leads a resistance against the evil terrorist organization, the Immortal Child, whom is bent on watching the world burn.

1 pm Intermission with Pizza
The Entrepreneur, Austin Crooch, Drama
Jack, an ex soldier and current drug addict, must face the wrath of a psychotic criminal after he steals a duffle bag full of cash.

Skinwalkers, Emily Laurena Daenzer, Science Fiction
In the year 2147 a new race of people walks the earth, shapeshifters. Their leader, Ash, is imprisoned in Washington, DC and the shapeshifters must plan to break him out as the government seeks to control them.

Selection from Global Horror Cinema

7:30-8:30 pm, JC Cinema

A selection of films from current and previous semesters of Global Horror Film.

Death Bed
Logan Brown, 4 min, 2015
Richard Holcomb III, 3:40 min, 2017
The Walk Nick Devito, 5 min, 2013
Paranoia Josh Denty, 4:26 min, 2016
Break In Kirk Kusten & Andre Wilson, 1:27 min, 2017
Last Snaps Nick Canonico, 2:42 min, 2016
The Typewriter Spencer Hedges, 3 min, 2017
Pheromonal Activity Matt Gaines, Eric Holsworth & Autumn Norton, 6:11 min, 2017
Lifted Max Stempniewicz, 4:13 min, 2017
Siri, How Do I Dispose of a Body? George Bonner, 5 min, 2017
She's Not Her Erblin Nushi 10 min, 2016

Friday, May 5

All screenings will be in the JC Cinema

Video Production for Film
12-2 pm

Last, Happy Summer Nick Johnson, 4:37 min
The Pastor Drew Hallott, 5 min
The Obscure Fear Sai Karanam, Producer Zachary Crooms, Script Supervisor Leonard Collins, Fiction 4:27 min
Damn It Parker Jalal Reha, Fiction 5:34 min
AA Daniel Marcinek, Ed. Alexendra, DP Juan Pablo Viades, Fiction, 5:20 min
Caught Up in the Moment Jared Palacios, Fiction 5:24 min
Tell Me You Love Me Hannah Harmison, Fiction, 6:35 min
Hopeless Dream Bryan Steger, Editor Justin Ueberhorst, Fiction, 5 min
The Situation Brittney Flores, Fiction, 4:40 min

The Larcenist Valeria Verastegui, Fiction, 5:33 min
Worth Sung Lim, Fiction, 10:41 min
Tricks Perry Jones, Fiction, 6 min
I Can't Keep Quiet Alexandria McAlpine, Documentary, 5:29 min
The Last Run Blaire Collingwood, Fiction, 9:28 min
Amal Esraa Abo Oun, Fiction, 6 min
Commercial Break Mitchell Parker, Fiction, 4:40 min

Reel Action
2:30-3:30 pm
Student works exploring social justice in today’s world including works from this semester’s FAVS course on Video Production for Social Change.

Journeys of an Immigrant: Episode 1 Luke Hellyer, Web Series
Facets Brian Boenau Documentary 3:40 min
Independent Living with Mason Life Mike Woods Documentary, 3:39 min
#AAMG: Growing Up in America Kenya Moore, Documentary, 4:18 min
Moving Forward José Alvarez, Adriana Lopez, Julian Nguyen, Lindsey Oblitey, Colin Stucki, Tara Tung, Documentary, 4:21 min
I May Cry Today When I'm Alone, Michael Kamel, Documentary, 3 min

Fiction Film Directing
4-5:30 pm

Greenlight Emily Daenzer, Fiction, 5 min
Fireflies Lindsey Oblitey, AD Marie Karkehabadi, Fiction, 7:13 min
Connie Eleazar Stamper, AD Lucas Muratore, Script Supervisor Emily Daenzer, Fiction, 11 min
Grace the Ghost Jordon Jones, AD Katherine Velle, Script Supervisor Jacob Smith,Fiction, 9:23 min
The Time Capsule Jason Gilligan, AD Ryan Piracha, Script Supervisor Josh Denty, Fiction, 7 min
Happy Moments Erblin Nushi, Producer/AD Jessica Riddle, Producer, Script Supervisor Andy Riddle
Gayby Nicholas Canonico, AD Zoe Peters, Script Supervisor, Mursal Akram Fiction, 9:13 min

Saturday, May 6
All events will be in the JC Cinema unless otherwise noted.
Free tickets available at the Center for the Arts Box Office or at the door at the JC Cinema on the day of the event.

Pitch Presentations
11 am-12:30 pm

Senior Showcase

BLOCK 1: 1 pm-3:30 pm

Something to Believe In Amanda Bowen, Documentary, 9:24 min.
Experience what it means to be a fan through the roaring cheers of the Washington Capitals faithful.

Lost Socks Kyle Finnegan, Fiction, 12 min. Two life-long friends journey to the magical land where lost socks go.

Bunsó Roberto De Cecco, Fiction, 12:40 min.
Forced to hangout with his older, rebellious cousin, Sean must make the choice on how far he'll go to fit in.

The Milkman Drew Shaw, Fiction, 11:47 min.
When a milkman's dog goes missing he is forced to confront his eccentric neighbors in order to track down his wayward best friend.

Sunny Side Up Marie Karkehabadi, Experimental, 10 min.
Disrupting the shrink-wrapped brand of happiness sold in suburban supermarkets, this experimental film explores the inescapability of ordinary suffering through a man overwhelmed by existential doubt.

Uber Everywhere Hector Tolentino III, Fiction, 10 min.
In an attempt to get more dandy on Halloween night, a group of kids encounter a creepy uber driver that might change their plans.

Crooklyn Hieroglyphics Khafre Barclift, Documentary, 14:22 min.
A film about the relationship between basketball and education.



La Bohème Maria Barranco, Fiction, 14:24 min.
Struggling with depression after his wife leaves him, a man finds solace in the arms of a woman who may or may not exist.

The Beach Mursal Akram, Fiction, 8 min.
A girl learns to be present by meeting an artist.

Agave: The Cultivation of Tradition José Jimenez Alvarez, Documentary, 12:16 min.
A cultural journey to discover why agave is the cultivation of tradition through the tequila making process.

BLOCK 2:  4 pm-6:30 pm

Parallel Cameron Perrier, Fiction, 14:34 min.
An adventure through parallel universes.






The Power Jake Smith, Fiction, 14 min.
The Power is a social media phenomenon. The Power is about you and me. Media will bring world peace. Consume and prosper gloriously and righteously.




Power Freak Jacob Roberts, Fiction, 10 min.
A man's addiction sends him spiraling down a rabbit hole to hell.

Intrusion Kiefer Inson, Fiction, 9 min.
A hit man reflects on the aspects of his career while stalking his next target.





Tea Party Michael Kamel, Fiction, 8:23 min.
A teenage boy invites his friend over to finish some homework after school, but they end up having a life-changing tea party instead.


Stop the Time Scott Kotwas, Fiction, 13:21 min.
A music-loving janitor with a troubled past tries to get his hands on some concert tickets.





The Story of Andrenov E. Brooks Giller , Fiction, 11:38 min.
A struggling film student battles his psychological demons as he tries to create a sci-fi masterpiece.



The One Cameron Evans, Fiction, 12:44 min.
Shay and Mika navigate the obstacles of love and life after first meeting on a popular reality dating show.





Musing Kaelen Smith, Fiction, 10:30 min.
A man's wild imagination and lack of faith in people causes a clash between his internal and external world.





Goodbye Stranger Samantha Siewert, Fiction, 15 min.
Sabrina has to start her life over after a breakup with a long time boyfriend.
Festival Closing Party: 6:30-8 pm (JC South Plaza)