FAVS Welcomes New Technical Coordinator

Film and Video Studies is pleased to announce that Andrew Jorgensen has joined the Film and Video Studies staff as Technical Coordinator. In this role, Andrew will his will continue to supervise the FAVS equipment cage, run trainings on specialized gear for students, manage exhibition of FAVS films, maintain and upgrade FAVS computers and software, manage FAVS production and post-production facilities, and continue to build relationships with professionals beyond FAVS to benefit our student and alumni community. Andrew has significant experience in cinematography, gaffing and G&E departments, winning the FAVS Excellence in Cinematography award in 2017. Andrew also won a FAVS Service Award for his work during his BA degree in building out and managing our FAVS equipment cage with staff and faculty. Prior to graduating from our program, Andrew worked as a Projection Supervisor at Angelika Film Center and operated and maintained projection equipment in this 11 screen facility. He was a technical director at 1st Stage Tysons for four years, and studied film and cinematography at Columbia College, Chicago. You can read his full bio here.