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Undergraduate Program

The FAVS program offers a 120-credit multidisciplinary BA degree, which spans units, including Art and Visual Technology, Communication, English, History and Art History, Modern and Classical Languages, New Century College, and Theater. Students study film theory, criticism, ethics, video production, screenwriting, and the business of film and video.

The BA degree includes 37 credits of required general education courses, 50 credits of major courses, including core courses; practicum courses; history, analysis, and theory courses; and courses within areas of the following concentrations: production, screenwriting, or business. In addition, all students must complete a minor1, double-major, or demonstratie intermediate-level proficiency in one foreign language.

Core Courses

AVT 204: Visual Thinking
COMM 355: Video Principles and Practices
ENGH 319: Film and Video Forms
FAVS 355: Film Business Practices
Ethics Requirement: COMM 454 Free Speech and Ethics or FAVS 352: Ethics of Film and Video
Screenwriting Requirement: THR 482 Advanced Screenplay Workshop or FAVS 470: Film and Video Screenwriting
FAVS 100: Film and Video Studies Colloquium (Students take FAVS 100 twice for a total of [2] credits)
FAVS 450: Internship
FAVS 498: Creative Producing and Development
FAVS 499: Senior Project

History, Analysis, and Theory (HAT) Elective Requirement: Students must take 6 credits of approved courses in this area.*

CHIN 320 - Contemporary Chinese Film
COMM 365 - Gender, Race, and Class in the Media
COMM 380 - Media Criticism
COMM 399 - Special Topics in Communication (Must be approved by Program Director)
ENGH 202 - Texts and Contexts (Must be approved by Program Director.  Cannot also be used for general education.)
ENGH 319 - Popular Culture (Cannot be the same topic as required FAVS core course)
ENGH 370 - Introduction to Documentary
ENGH 372 - Introduction to Film
ENGH 470 - Topics in Film/Media History
ENGH 472 - Topics in Film/Media Theory
ENGH 474 - Topics in Film/Media Studies
FAVS 225 - The History of World Cinema
FAVS 399 - Special Topics in Film and Video Studies (Must be approved by Program Director)
FREN 470 - French and Francophone Cinema
HIST 389 - Topics in U.S. History (Must be approved by Program Director)
HIST 393 - Topics in Film and History
JAPA 320 - Japanese Cinema
MUSI 301 - Music in Motion Pictures
NCLC 347 - Gender Representation in Popular Culture
RUSS 470 - Topics in (Post) Soviet Film
WMST 300 - Current Issues in Women and Gender Studies
Or other courses as approved by Program Director



The FAVS program offers concentrations in production, scriptwriting, or business. Each concentration is 15 credits, with three required courses and two elective courses.

COMM 360: Video Editing
FAVS 335: Sound and Lighting
FAVS 365: Documentary Filmmaking or FAVS 375: Fiction Film Directing
Plus two production elective courses*

ENGH 396: Introduction to Creative Writing
FAVS 483: Feature-Length Scriptwriting
GAME 332: Story Design for Computer Games
Plus two screenwriting elective courses*

AMGT 405: Seminar in Arts Management
COMM 375: Mass Communication Advertising and Promotions
FAVS 399: Special Topics in Film Business/Marketing
Plus two business elective courses*


1There is no minor in Film and Video Studies. FAVS majors may pursue a minor in Film and Media Studies, offered through the Department of English. FAVS majors may not count required production courses toward the FAMS minor. FAVS majors are encouraged to seek a minor different from their undergraduate major.

*For elective course listings, please visit the GMU Catalog and select your current catalog year or contact the FAVS Academic Advisor.

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