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Film and Videos Studies (FAVS) at George Mason University engages students in the creation, production and post-production of fiction, documentary and experimental styles of film and video and its parallel forms, including television, transmedia, mobile and web media through our interdisciplinary Bachelors of Arts degree. Through courses in FAVS, Film and Media Studies, Theater, Game Design, Art, Communication and other departments, we prepare students for our vibrant, multi-disciplinary industry. Students gain a grounding in the history and theory of the moving image, explore the business of media production, evaluate values and ethics of media, and experience diversity of voice in storytelling.

The FAVS BA program is grounded by a strong programmatic emphasis in flexible thinking, critical engagement, project management, interpersonal communications, regional storytelling and the written form. FAVS graduates apply their skills on film sets, in corporate environments, or with community organizations with professionalism that is creative, entrepreneurial, and adaptable.

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Support for FAVS Scholarships is made possible from Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies, members of the FAVS Advisory Board, and attendees of Off the Wall and Arts By George, hosted by CVPA at George Mason University. Donations to the FAVS scholarship program can be made here.

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FAVS Calendar

1/18  First day of classes


2/05   FAVS Production Fair, 2-4 pm

          Center for the Arts, Grand Tier III


2/20 - Virginia Film & TV Training

2/21   Seminar, 2-day event, Harris



2/22   Screening: Kandahar Journals


4/16   Off the Wall benefit





Message from the Director



Each year, the Film and Video Studies (FAVS) program focuses on a theme that resonates through our programming, our classrooms, and our thinking about film production and the study of the film industry. The students have voted and this year’s theme is #FilmConnects.


Filmmaking is a collaborative endeavor. Our student filmmaker community understands the need to connect. They are learning and putting it into practice with each class, event and film shoot. This is a program that believes in and fosters an entrepreneurial spirit through collaboration. To have success, filmmakers must foster connections. We teach you how.


FAVS students create connections: Our Bachelor of Arts degree students make connections through their film clubs: the professional cinematic honor society Delta Kappa Alpha, the Global Film Club, and the Experimental Film Club are just three examples of student groups led by FAVS majors who leverage filmmaking and film viewing into opportunities for connection. FAVS events like the Mason Film Festival (a three day juried festival in Spring semester) or Fall Film Showcase bring over 600 audience members together to celebrate student projects at the end of each semester with receptions and conversation following each event.


The B.A. program connects learning to skills and practice development: FAVS includes three concentrations: Directing / Producing, Production/Post-Production (emphasis on Cinematography, Editing and Sound) and Screenwriting. Students take a selection of core courses in ethics, theory and criticism, technical elements, aesthetic studies, writing across media forms, and business practices in the industry so that connections are drawn between these areas throughout FAVS courses. As the first multi-disciplinary film program in Virginia, FAVS connects to other areas of study. Students take required courses and film electives in Theater, English, Photography, Art and Design, Communication, Game Design, and Women and Gender Studies.


FAVS faculty connect students to the film industry: FAVS faculty are working, award-winning filmmakers and celebrated film critics and theorists. Our classrooms abound with examples learned from filmmaking practice as it is now and with a vision for what it will become. FAVS and Film and Media Studies (FAMS) faculty curate our Visiting Filmmaker Series that brings internationally celebrated film artists to campus and gives students opportunities to connect with those in the industry. FAVS Faculty produce, with GMU-TV, our award-winning program Studio A that brings filmmakers and students together in a talk show format. With 50 episodes and counting, the Studio A collection is used as a resource by film educators and film reviewers alike.


FAVS students stay connected: With over 170 students, FAVS works to keep students in close communication. Our class sizes are small (a 20:1 student to faculty ratio) yet our reach is wide. Students have worked at over 103 sites for their professionalizing internships. These launch students toward career success after graduation. And FAVS alumni continue to connect. Hand Me Down Films is one example of a film company built by FAVS alumni who co-produce current student films and continue to make work.


FAVS connects to the vibrant DC / Virginia / Maryland film community: We have relationships with Women in Film and Video DC, DC Shorts, Virginia Film Festival, Washington West Film Festival, Docs in Progress and other regional film organizations. FAVS student films screen at their festivals and students work in internships and summer programs with these organizations. Our FAVS Advisory Board is made of filmmakers, media professionals, and film enthusiasts in our community who support FAVS student scholarships and programs.


FAVS students connect to awards: Last year, student produced web series won 6 Cindy Awards, 1 Webby and 1 Telly. Our student filmmakers won awards at juried film festivals, like Brandon Langford’s film “L.A.R.P.” that earned the award for Best College Documentary from UPIKE Film and Media Arts Festival in Kentucky and “The Machine” by Zach Gross won a Rosebud Award. FAVS alumnus Ashley Blue’s documentary short was a 2015 Horizon Award Finalist and she has been recognized as a filmmaker to watch.


With over 120 screenings+ in the past 12 months, FAVS student and faculty films are enjoying international attention. Please join us – in the theater, in our online showcases, and in person. If you are thinking of applying, please reach out. Or should I say, “connect” with FAVS?


#FilmConnects #FAVSGMU



Giovanna Chesler, MFA

Director, FAVS


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